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Company History

I started Elite Cleaning when I was 19 as a student with a friend who was also a student. We simply both needed more money as we were poor students, so we decided to go and start cleaning windows for businesses in Wagga’s main street.

The businesses were so happy with us, they asked if we could help by doing more cleaning for them – Toilets, Floors, Kitchens and the like. My friend finished his degree and moved away, I was so thrilled with satisfying my customers and soon found myself over loaded with work as our customers were recommending us to there associates. These days we still have a lot of our original customers and many more, we have a great team that help us maintain the high standard that we have always delivered. We have put a lot of effort into our safety practices and staff training. Our way of growing has been simple –  do a great job and people will tell their friends – Word of Mouth!!!


Danny and Jill Russell – Elite Cleaning Wagga

Our Mission

Simply to provide a superior cleaning service that customers can’t help but talk about! Check out our Alliances to see some customers that are already satisfied!

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our services, we provide the following Guarantee.
We will exceed your expectations – we will not leave the job until you are satisfied!!!



Giving back to the Community

Elite Cleaning has had the privilege of being a proud sponser of local charities within Wagga and the Riverina.We believe our Community comes first. Some of these charities and organisations include the following:


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Our Guarantee

We will exceed your expectations - We will not leave the job until you are satisfied!!!